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We are a crowd funding platform. There's no central account. It's a peer to peer system. All you have to do is bring 3 people and teach them to bring their 3 people.

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We have 3 boards. R1000, R15,000 and R200k.
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You will get amount you spent x 27 from all your Great Children Downliners


We are a crowd funding platform.

Turn your self into a millionaire from donating just R1000

No Central Account

All member payments are due to their upliner. Admins may only hold funds if upliner have incomplete payments

Local Payments

All our members are using local south african banks for easy and fast payments.

Super Active Admins

Our Super Admin are always recruiting to bring in more spill overs

Our Mission

We want to maintain this system for years to come and spread the word about it's going to change people's lives.

Our Plan

We have created massive spill overs to help those who are currently working full-time or unable to recruite by themselves.

Our Vision

We want to see thousands of LuxuryLifeNetwork members driving their own cars in just 1 month of our luanch!

Our Care

We have a dedicated support team annd admin assistance to help you whenever you have queries regarding your account, downlines or/admin sponsor issues.


All our borad have massive spill overs! Don't worry anout recruiting.

Board 1

R1 000 joining fee

  • Spill Overs
  • Earn R1 000 x 27
  • GET R27,000

Board 3

R200k Joing Fee

  • Spill Overs
  • Earn R200k x 27
  • GET R5 400 000


  • Why is my account blocked?

    You did not honour your payment. Please make sure that payments are made within 24 hours.

  • Your upliner might be blocked. Please wait until the position is filled.

  • Your downliner might have not paid and system deleted him/her. If you have more queries, please contact our support.

  • Yes, you can create as many account as you want but just make sure that you use different email addresses. Because the system only allows one!


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